Lead Generation

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Lead Generation based Social Media Campaigns

With the far reaching growth of social media today, the significance of lead generation base social media campaigns has enlarged.

What is a Lead Generation based campaign?

Lead Generation is an approach where the client/customer pays just for a produced lead. This way, he chops down the chaos and gets most maximum potency from a well-being targeted campaign.

SearchMinds provide both engagement and responsibility in the Lead Generation campaigns in the social space. We have definitive target based social media programs, creatively planned by our skilled specialists that work wonders with your campaigns.

What exactly is a lead?

What exactly incorporate of a lead online? Is it an enquiry? Or is it an order? Or is it a click?These questions usually come in our discussions.

Well, we exemplify a lead intent of interest that we generate with our social media campaigns. This intent of interest can be in form of a like, an enquiry, a subscriber, a feedback, comment or a follower. These are various structures of leads with changing form of validation.

Our skilled specialists will discuss with you the level of validation you require in your campaigns, and build a plan accordingly.